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Irina Bjørnø

Irina Bjørnø was born in Soviet Russia. She grew up in Moscow and received her education in physics at Moscow State University (and was awarded the highest Lenin student prize available during the Soviet era along with a red diploma) and a Ph.D. degree in Laser Physics by Nobel prize winner, A. Prochorov. In 1994, she was nominated as Woman of the Year and in 1997, as the Face of Russia.

Her first scientific book was published in the US in 1987. In 1989, she joined the Technical University of Denmark as associate professor, where she built the ultrasound laboratory (for industrial applications). She can list 200 different works that have been published, mainly in laser physics, wave phenomena, and ultrasound applications. She has lectured in many universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Penn State, Washington, Göttingen more.

From 2000 onward, she created a health clinic in Denmark where she teaches classes in Qigong, Yoga, and different transformational courses. 

She started to write and publish e-books shortly after 2011 - Belbooks- Books for Easy Living, promoting the healthy lifestyle, peace and friendship world over. She makes the short films in Youtube channel Belbookstoday, where more than 1 mil. people world over can join free health classes, dance classes and learn about the peace actions. 

She was nominates as a "Writer of the year" "The Golden Pen Nomination" (in Russia) in 2012, 2013, 2014 and "Poet of the Year" in Russia in 2013, 2014. She receive first prize for her anti-war novel "The Pilot" in 2011 (Amazon, USA).


She is the member of the board of the Danish organization " The Mother-tong Association" since 2012, and her mission is to preserve "The Treasure of Words" for the next generations. 

She continues to search for the answer to "life's mysteries" and write the books, available for everybody in 3 languages - English, Danish and Russian. References:

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